Hiatus Over!

[DM] Ward a posted Tue at 18:59

After a regrettably long hiatus, I am very happy to announce that our NWN RP server is back online and with an updated module not only to correct some of the issues people have been experiencing, but also to add new stuff! Full changelog below.

The biggest issue our update fixes is the SQL problem, which thanks to Visavant now successfully registers new characters to the database. If you made a new character since the migration it is highly advisable to re-make that character to avoid any problems. Sorry about that. You may work with a DM to transfer any items that your bugged character currently has on them.

With that in mind, if you experience any bugs with your character, problems with any new or existing areas, or any other trouble that needs to be addressed by a DM or Developer, please post them in the Bug Reporting Thread. That's right! Feel free to make full use of the forum because it has been decided that we are staying with enjin. 

If you have any questions feel free to let me know!

Module Changelog



  • Training Droid Conversations - Players can now level through experience at all the vocational schools.
  • SQL issues - New Characters will now successfully register to the SQL without any errors.


  • DM Experience Rewards - Potabro's suggested system, oulined here, implemented.
  • Item Collectables - Item collectables, like Ancient Tech and Strange Minerals, now give XP bonus directly proportionate to how many you have collected. Ancient Relics, though, offer 2x the current amount collected.
  • Player Commendation Tool - Now only offers a flat 100 XP commendation to fellow players.




  • Anchorhead - Anchorhead's layout has been slightly changed to give a better feeling of winding back alleys and meanstreets. The entrance near the Cantina is now more integrated with the marketplace. Near the spaceport, a vacant Cantina has been added! (See Added Section!)
  • Anchorhead Outskirts - Small update to reflect the new shape of the Anchorhead entrance
  • Western Valley - Updated to reflect roleplay in the area related to constructing an outpost and attempting to grow plants under the hot suns!
  • Interior, Caves - Changed to "Tempo's Dug Out" to reflect the above RP. (See note below changelog **)


  • Interior, Citadel - The Citadel has been reduced to mostly government functions. All the stores etc. have been moved outside.
  • New Garang - New Garang is growing, it now sports a store, medical center, mechanics shop, and small Republic Garrison. All the building in town are enterable.
  • Forest Wall - Now links to Ancient Wood instead of Forgotten Enclave.
  • Ancient Wood - Now links to Forest Wall instead of Forgotten Enclave.
  • Edgewood - Added a small stump to sit on so you can take a break from getting messily devoured by forest creatures.
  • Forgotten Enclave - Changed to Enclave Grounds, the cave entrance now works. Area is only accessible by those with the means to find it. ;) 



  • DM NPC Room - Small room for DMs to submit NPCs they constantly use so they are available in the module at start-up. Reduces event set up time!


  • Event, Jungle - Jungle area, created by PS, for event purposes.


  • Abandoned Cantina, Anchorhead - Added a vacant Cantina near the spaceport. Could be used for secret meetings, deals, or maybe a PC will come by and purchase it and make a go of running a Cantina in the rough city.


  • Garang Interiors - Added Interior, General and Interior, Base to govern the inside of the New Garang buildings.
  • Jedi Enclave - Added Interior, Jedi Enclave, Interior, Grotto, and Interior, Upper Jedi Enclave to govern the new Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

** Note: I think it is very important that our characters can directly affect the Galaxy around them, and I hope to support that through module development. I want to make it possible that your character can build a house, business, or base, and have that area be in the module for you. Or, maybe you destroy something, that can be added (I guess subtracted) as well. 

Once again, if you notice a bug with these new areas or systems, please let us know! Thanks.


Server is online.

Direct connection:

Some changes are coming on the infrastructure side, allowing on demand publish to production options for the developer team, as well as a move to a faster machine. This introduces a new change to our server announcement scope, and your direct connect details will invalidate. I will update this post when the migration has completed tonight.

If you haven't already, run the 1.71 community patch, obtainable here, which addresses several issues and restores some key functionality that was previously missing. Without it you will not see the server in the lists when it comes online.

As most are aware by now, HDM Ward, and Valerie Jean are both module developers, and will foreseeably enumerate most changes that will come in future updates. They are acclimating well to the toolset and module's neuances, allowing me to not be a primary developer, but will provide technical assistance and optimization overview where needed, focusing largely on more complex NWNX and SQL frameworks, a new auto-update application to derive custom content changes, and more.

Rumors and talk are quickly sparked among the Citizens of Tatooine

Local Bounty hunters were in shambles today as a particular wanted Trandoshan by the name of 'Lusk'
was revealed to be top priority on Jokek's lists. The infamous Duros bounty Hunter 'Scar' makes an appearance aided by a few of the casuals of the town he brought in a dead Lusk for the compensation of 10.000 credits but the group of help only received 2.500 credits of a share.

As for the Local Syndicate and Hutt Cartel, footage of the body being drawn and quartered is made publicized for all to see. Rumors spread saying that 'Lusk' was a force user, hence the high price. This rumor is only reaffirmed by Scar's presence and reputation for being able ti hunt down Force users with expertise.

Older folks around the cantinas talk about how Scar may or may not have been a war vet from the Mandalorian Wars. As talk rises in the small, sparsely populated cities of Tatooine, they talk about whether or not Scar intends to stay in Anchor head for a time.

Break-In On Corellia

[DM] Ward a posted Oct 1, 16

Imperial Investigators process the scene as troopers keep citizens at a safe distance.

Coronet, Corellia. A few standard days ago, officials say that someone broke into a government office here in the Corellian capital. A redundant alarm system informed authorities that the security and holocam grid had been disabled on the office in the early morning hours. Upon response, officials could locate no one inside the offices nor any apparent damage or theft.

Authorities are still working to determine who is responsible for the break in, what if any damage was caused, and if anything was stolen. When asked what possible motivation this criminal had, public information officials with the investigation team informed us that to mitigate the danger that HoloNet slicers have on secured systems, confidential data will often be stored on non-networked terminals, heavily suggesting that the perpetrator may have been after digital gains.

Information that authorities have been willing to part with is sparse. We have gleaned that officials suspect that some sort of subroutine for mining information was installed on the office's mainframe. Over the last few days, investigators have not been only collecting forensic evidence from the scene. From our observations of activity at the scene, investigators have brought in experts to sift through the mainframe data to look for malicious software.

We apologize for the mandated delay on this story. We insist that the delay was for the benefit of public safety as Imperium officials suggest that the investigation is still on-going. There is no word on whether any suspects have been apprehended but it is clear that security has been stepped up around government facilities.

Shipping rates are beginning to stabilize as a more voids in the industry are being filled by sometimes unlikely contenders. One such newcomer is Raddyx Corporation, a weapons manufacturer based on Coruscant. RaddyxCorp is one of many private companies that are stepping up to fill the vacuum left by many freight magnates that have all but ceased interplanetary shipping to the Outer Rim and even to some fringe Mid Rim worlds.

Some speculate that the rise in piracy along the far-flung trade lanes of the Galaxy is a result of squabbling for power in organized crime hot-spots such as Tatooine or Socorro. Without any defined "leader" in the region, it is suspected that the perpetrators have no one that expects them to pay dues for operating in the sector. Whatever the underlying cause may be, the rise in the criminal activity has created very lucrative opportunities for these megacorps to expand their retinue.

Combating piracy in the Outer Rim has been a difficulty for law enforcement agencies since the inception of the war between the Imperium and the Republic. Trade lane security, that was once maintained by the Republic Navy or the Judicial Department, has now fallen to private companies as both the Navy is otherwise engaged with defense and the Judicials are precluded from passing through Imperial space.

Travelers and independent shipping contractors are advised to refrain from visiting Outer Rim colonies at this time.

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